FINALLY! A coaching program run by an ACTUAL business owner and operator with a multi-billion dollar track record AND 20+ years of experience... whose willing to get in the trenches, and help YOU Scale!

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A unique and powerful coaching environment built for business owners who are looking to scale their business by implementing strategic marketing, accessing high-level connections & leveraging capital.

A unique and powerful coaching environment built for business owners who are looking to scale their business by implementing strategic marketing, accessing high-level connections & leveraging capital.

Business Owners & Entrepreneurs…

Come Learn How To SCALE Your Business FAST From Founder Of America’s Largest Business Lender, Angel Investor, Branding Expert & Business Icon.

Make Sure Your Sound Is Turned ON! 🔊

Meet your mentor,

Meet your mentor,

My name is William Stern.

I founded Cardiff, America’s #1 small business lender, 20 years ago.

The journey of building my company over two decades made me countless millions and helped business owners just like you access billions. I’ve seen it all, from construction nightmares to restaurant drama.

Having peeked where the sun don’t shine inside businesses just like yours, I’m excited to share every secret to scaling it with YOU!

I have brought together a community of strong minded business owners from all walks of life. In our journey together we speak the language of business and finance, but also dive deep into communication, resentment, and emotional bank accounts. You will learn how entrepreneurship isn’t just about taking risks and staying committed; it’s about pivoting at the right time.

A single hero cannot shoulder success alone. At Cardiff, I’ve seen firsthand how partnership and mutual support are not just nice-to-have but are essential for profound and lasting achievement.

Join me inside “The Fraternity” TODAY! Include me in your vision and together we will take your business to the next level!

Every Single Week

I Am Going To Host A Live Zoom Call.

These calls will MOSTLY be ran by me, but you’ll also hear from special guests who are experts in their respective fields, joining the calls, dropping knowledge and teaching the fraternity.

On these weekly calls you’ll be participating in, you can expect to learn from…

  • Marketing Experts

  • Sales / Closing Experts

  • Entrepreneurs Who Sold Their

    Businesses For Millions

    … you get the idea.

On these calls, you will also have the ability to ask specific questions, as we will have a Q&A component on every call.

You’ll also be able to submit questions beforehand so I can work your questions into the main presentation for that week.

Some of the core topics and themes discussed on these calls are below…

What You’re Going To learn

Inside The Fraternity.

Who Is This Coaching For?

These weekly zoom sessions will benefit ANY BUSINESS OWNER.

👉 No matter the niche or industry you're in...

👉 No matter how big or small your business is...

👉 No matter the struggles you're currently facing.

The people you meet inside this group and the lessons you'll learn on these zoom calls will benefit any business owner at any level.

For more clarity on who this coaching is for, look at the section above and below for more info on exactly what's included in The Fraternity coaching program.

Ever Heard The Saying,

As a member of The Fraternity, you’ll not only be joining an elite group of business owners and entrepreneurs just like you, you’re also be rubbing shoulders with William’s network of high level individuals.

Network With Other

Fraternity Members

You’ve likely heard the saying, show me your 5 best friends and I’ll show you your income..

This statement is 100% true. If you’re not currently involved with a group of people who are constantly lifting you up, encouraging, motivating and teaching you, you’re not on the fastest path to WINNING.

You need community, and that’s what The Fraternity will provide.

Get Exclusive

Invites To Member

Only Events

Throughout the year we will be running events that you’ll gain an exclusive invite to, just for being a member of The Fraternity. Come get in person with other members + have the ability to meet, greet and learn from top level individuals I will have at these events. More details on this to come!

Win A Podcast Seat On

I am humbled to say I have a fast growing podcast channel, and I want you to be on it! Periodically throughout the year I’ll be inviting members of The Fraternity who are going above and beyond in scaling their business to come on the podcast.

For obvious reasons, this can be a huge needle mover for your business and your personal brand.

Access To William’s


Over the years at Cardiff, and just recently as I’ve dove deep on building my personal brand, I have connected with thousands of business owners and elite entrepreneurs from around the world.

If there are moments, opportunities and synergies where it makes sense to loop you in or make specific and strategic connections with these individuals, and you, I will 100% do it. Being a member of the Fraternity means you’re part of my family.

What’s it cost to be a member of

The Fraternity?

My goal in launching this coaching platform was to make it available, affordable and quite honestly, a “no brainer” for ANY business owner.

Which is why I priced it at only $197/month or pay for an annual membership (show some commitment) and get an insane deal

(3 months free).

So for $197 a month, you’re gonna get…

  • Implement the strategies you’ll learn into your business to scale FAST

    ...resulting in boosting your bottom line.

  • Setup your business to SELL!

    ...not required but encouraged - this can set you up for life-changing wealth.

  • Shave off YEARS of "figuring it out on your own" and instead, do the right stuff immediately through this mentorship.

  • Inject effective marketing into your business to generate more leads, close more deals and boost ROI, quickly.

    …I could go on and on, but I think you get the extent of the value you’re going to gain inside of The Fraternity.

Stop trying to figure it all out on your own.

You’re wasting time.

You’re wasting money.

AND, you’re missing out on the fun of being with a group of elite people (just like you) who will ALL be in your corner.

It’s time to make one of the best decisions of your life, I guarantee it…

Select Your Level, Activate Your Account, and Join Us On Our Next Zoom Call!



How do I know this coaching program will aid me in MY business…

The topics and themes we go over on the weekly calls inside The Fraternity can be applied to ANY business, no matter what you do. Marketing, sales, lead gen, hiring & firing, scaling, structuring your business for an exit down the line, all of it is related to all businesses.

If you’re still unsure, enroll and take advantage of the 14 day trial. Dip your toe in the water and if it’s not for you, cancel. But if it is (and it likely will be), stick around and let’s scale your business, fast.


How often do the coaching calls (Zooms) happen?

The Zoom calls will happen every Thursday at 7pm EST. If you cannot make a call, no worries, we record and post ALL recordings within 24 hours of the call happening so you can consume the call on your time.


What else do I get beyond the weeklycoaching calls?

You’ll gain access to the coaching calls every week, on top of:

Access to our members only community.

Coaching call notes and action guides.

Access to all call recordings.

Ability to chat and ask questions to William within the private Facebook community.

Discounted tickets to events we will hold throughout the year.

Member only events we will hold throughout the year.


Can I ask questions/talk directly to William?

Yes for sure!

You’ll be able to ask questions LIVE on the calls, within the private Facebook group in which William will answer AND you can submit your questions ahead of time before calls, too!


Should I sign up for monthly or yearly?

If you’re just looking to dip your toe in the water, or maybe you’re just starting a business, go with the monthly membership.

If you’re an existing business owner OR you are committed to making this next chapter of your life monumental.. Commit and go annual. Not only are you getting an insane deal by going annual, but you’re committing to a full year of scaling your business and your life.

While the investment is not crazy (it’s literally less than $1500 for an entire year) it’s more of a mental commitment you’re making that has immense power.

You’re telling yourself you’re doing this. It’s not a negotiation.

It’s kinda like joining a gym for a year, vs a month.

Join for a month - not bad.

Join for a year - you’re committing long term, you’re GOING to see this through.

Let’s go!


Is there a money back guarantee work?

There is a 60 day money back guarantee, no questions asked.

If you’re not connecting with people inside The Fraternity that are not directly impacting your life and your business within 60 days…


You’re not moving the needle forward in your business (which won’t happen)…


You’re just not happy with the program for whatever reason (which also will 100% NOT happen)…

Just email us and we’re happy to refund your money, no questions asked.

The Fraternity is a life changing environment, and we stand behind that claim with a risk free guarantee.


I’m in! How do I sign up?

Simple, decide if you’re going monthly or annual, click on the pricing chart, enter some basic account info and then proceed to the enrollment form.

Submit your payment and get INSTANT access to EVERYTHING included in your membership.

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